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About Us

Based on the psychological principles of brain development, behavior, relationships, personality, mental health, and resilience, The Authentic Parent is a 6 week guided course that will provide you a foundational framework of the psychological and neurobiological development of your child. 

Dr. Sarah will teach you to calmly and confidently respond to any problem that arises, connect authentically with your child and truly enjoy parenting!  

Why You Should Join Us

By the end of The Authentic Parent course you will… 

→    have a working knowledge of human development, child psychology, and how the parent-child relationship can be your secret weapon in parenting. 

→    have an intimate understanding of your parenting values and have confidence in your parenting voice. 

→    be able to look inward for guidance on parenting decisions you make so you can calmly and confidently respond to problems that arises. 

→    have developed more trust in yourself and trust in your child, allowing you both to relax, connect, and enjoy the journey!

A Big Thanks

Hope to see you inside The Authentic Parent community!